Intercommunication between animals? Basic! But there might be something bigger than that…

As pet tutors (not owners, remember!), we know that animals are capable of communicating with humans. But did you know that animals are also able to communicate with each other? More than with their body language? YES. This intercommunication between animals is a fascinating phenomenon that sheds light on the intricate ways in which animals interact with each other.

Intercommunication between animals can take many forms. For example, some animals use scent to communicate with each other. This is why dogs sniff each other’s butts when they meet – it’s their way of exchanging information about each other.

Other animals use body language to communicate. For example, cats will arch their backs and puff up their tails when they feel threatened or agitated. This body language signals to other cats that they should stay away.

In addition to scent and body language, animals also use vocalizations to communicate with each other. Birds, for example, have complex songs that they use to attract mates and defend territory. Similarly, dolphins use a series of clicks and whistles to communicate with each other and navigate through the water.

BUT! Did you know, there’s a telepathic (somehow) intelligence among the universe that connects them? And not only animals… BUT PLANTS AS WELL. Yes. (we will talk more about it when the time is right) For example, there’s a bird that just left its eggs in order to get some food. Suddenly comes close a depredator and gets to eat one egg. Somehow this egg that is being aten calls mom and the bird just knows it and is able to come back to protect the rest of the eggs before the predator eats them. CRAZY RIGHT?

The ability of animals to communicate with each other is a testament to their intelligence and social complexity, and a reminder of what we do not know and cannot control. It’s also a reminder of the importance of respecting and understanding the animals that share our world.

As pet tutors (not owners), we can learn a lot from the intercommunication between animals. By observing our own pets and the way they communicate with each other, we can gain a deeper understanding of their needs and emotions.

So, the next time you’re out on a walk with your furry friend, take a moment to observe the other animals around you. You may be surprised by the intricate ways in which they communicate with each other, and you may even learn something new about your own pet.

Remember to open yourself to all the intelligence that surrounds you 🙂

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