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Dr. Peter's dog Lacey
Dr. Peter's cat Sheena
Tim holding Lacey's best bud Benji
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB)

House Calls: NYC, LI, Westchester, NJ, Conn. & PA. (Out of state can be arranged) Expert Witness in Legal Cases Nationwide

Having a Behavioral Problem with a dog, cat, bird, horse…?

Think you’ve tried everything and feel there is no hope for your pets’ behavior problem? Well maybe you just have not tried the RIGHT things with the RIGHT person!

Maybe it's time to seek help from a well trained, experienced Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist.

Faced with any of the following situations?

You bought a dog or cat and are having problems training it and don’t know where to
You rescued a pet and are seeing problems that may have occurred from abuse or
You bought a pet from a top breeder and are confused to see unusual characteristics
     for this breed?
You acquired a pet through a loss of a family member or friend and your new pet is
     having problems adjusting?
You have one or more behavioral problems with your pet(s)?
You have a dog ot cat that is growing old and may be suffering from senility or

Having a Legal Problem?

Involved in a lawsuit due to your pet’s behavior or another person’s pet? Are you having problems or a violation from your building due to homing a pet? Need an evaluation or temperament testing on your pet? Need an expert witness to testify on a court case? Dr. Borchelt can help!

No, Dr. Borchelt does not "talk" or “whisper” to the animals but he truly understands them and their problems.

Time to stop worrying and call an expert to get help!
Call to make an appointment and get further information
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