Online Diagnostic Assessment – Ethologist Dra Jose Veterinaria


Diagnostic interview with Jose Veterinaria, Ethologist and canine therapist specializing in bird behavior and companion animals (dogs, cats and exotics).


In this interview, Jose Veterinaria will carry out an online evaluation and diagnosis of your pet, applying the ethological behavior guidelines.

In this session we do not give you guidelines, we simply get to know each other and we give you the first help and vision on how to improve the relationship, emotions and behavior of your animal.

What is ethology?

It is a science that studies the behavior of animals, in nature or in society, living in our homes. Investigate how the animal behaves with its environment, and why.

If your dog is a pet to you, please do not take this session. We can only help you if you love your animal and if he is part of your family.

We are specialists in emotions, behaviors and animal welfare… Therefore, your pet will have positive results and progress if you work with us and if you are committed.

Interview Benefits:

Natural well-being and love.
Motivation to work negative emotions.
Veterinary, therapist and ethology advice to make new decisions and head towards a solution.
Tutor learning.
With the 3-session pack, we assure you results from the third session.

Consider by the tutor:

The interview is online and always through Google Meet. You will receive the invitation by email and it will be scheduled on your calendar.

Only tutors who are 100% committed to their animal and its well-being can work with us.

Whenever necessary, the doctor will refer to a different specialist.

Constancy in working with our animal is key.

In the face of any problem, always go to your physical veterinarian first to rule out that there is no pathology that could alter the behaviors and emotions of our furry ones.

In case of requiring a change of time, notify at least 48 hours in advance


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