Treatment Plan

We offer a house call service in the Greater New York City and Tri-State areas. House calls generally take about 2-3 hours for a diagnosis and presentation of a detailed treatment plan. Included in our program are unlimited telephone follow-ups for up to 6 months for dogs and 4 months for cats. Dr. Borchelt is available and in his office once a week to receive and take these calls. He also can be reached at other times for emergencies. Included are additional house calls when necessary at no additional fee.

The fee for this service and program is based primarily on the type of problem(s), how many animals are involved and the duration of time the problems have continued. We also must take into account, to some extent, the travel time involved.

Sometimes our service includes developing new products for solving unusual problems. It also can require research to develop improved methods for solving extreme problems. We provide evaluations and reports for building management, co-op boards and lawyers for pet problems that involve nuisance or dangerous behavior.

As always, we work closely with the pets’ veterinarian. Some medical problems can cause behavior problems and some behavior problems may involve medical intervention.


Our fees range from $350 to $800 for a 4-6 month program.

Recap Services:
Home visit (2-3 hrs) to evaluated and set up the treatment plan
Dr. Borchelt returns to the home whenever necessary
Unlimited live phone consultation to insure treatment is working
Short term medications are monitor by Dr. Borchelt
Programs are from 4-6 months
Only additional fee is for medication or travel over an hour

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