How Does a Behaviorist differ from a Trainer?

Just as human psychologists have graduate training in psychology, certified applied animal behaviorists have advanced

graduate degrees in the science of animal behavior. Some are veterinarians who have completed a behavioral

residency. We use critical thinking skills and education to determine the cause of your pet's problem; sometimes we

must develop novel approaches to solutions. Individuals without extensive education and experience may guess

incorrectly as to the cause of the problem and provide ineffective advice. Improper advice can delay or prevent

resolution of the problem. Dr. Borchelt has been in practice as an Animal Behaviorist for 30 years. What makes him

different from other behaviorists is that he is an Applied Animal Behaviorist as well as a Certified Applied Animal

Behaviorist (CAAB)
. He is also a member of The Animal Behavior Society.
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